Fees and Bookings

How to book?


  1. Application: Send an e-mail to info@liberatedvoice.co.uk specifying dates and the number of singing lessons and repertoire sessions you wish to book
  2. Planning: If you are flexible on your dates or on the times, or alternatively if you require specific dates and times please let us know to prepare the planning
  3. Repertoire sessions: are optional and can only be booked with the booking of at least one singing technique lesson
  4. Payment: I will send you a return mail to confirm the details of your application and ask you for the total amount to be paid to reserve your place in the Master Class
  5. Passive Auditors: are welcome and kindly requested to book in advance

Active participants:

(professional singers, singing teachers, advanced singing students and beginners)

  • As an active participant you may book in advance for the entire season (including all locations of the season). All singing technique lessons booked within the season will count towards obtaining the lower booking rates
  • Bookings for the Master Class in singing technique include a free full auditor’s pass

A) Booking up to 2 singing lessons = €98 each (€78 in Berlin)

B) Booking 3 to 7 singing lessons = € 93 each (€78 in Berlin)

C) Booking 8 singing lessons = € 88 each (€78 in Berlin)

Repertoire sessions (20 min) = € 62 each (€50 in Berlin)


20% fee reduction and/or a free Master auditor’s pass for

  1. The Master Class in Berlin
  2. Singing Students under 30 yoa (opera, Jazz, oratorio)
  3. Professional Singers actively preparing auditions, competitions or concerts within the year

send your booking request to:  info@liberatedvoice.co.uk

Cancellation policy

  • With up to 10 days notice, 100%
  • Between 10 days and 48 hours, 50%
  • Less than forty-eight hours notice, there is no refund unless the booked lessons can be redistributed to the waiting list, in which case a fee of €25 per lesson will be deducted
  • Cases of illness or Acts of God excepted

Passive auditors

(choir singers, choir and orchestra conductors, vocal coaches, accompanists, amateur singers, music students, general public) are welcome to all singing lessons and repertoire sessions (not valid for the Teachers’ Training)

  • Half-day pass = €30
  • Day pass = €45
  • Master pass (3 days) = €75
  • Master pass (5 days) = €130

send your booking request to:  info@liberatedvoice.co.uk

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